The passion for hiking and nature with its wonderful scenery, take us every day to welcome and entertain “the whole family” in the company of our Siberian Husky, paying great attention to respect for the environment.


Experienced dog sledding instructors will teach you how to independently drive your sled pulled by fantastic Siberian Huskies and will accompany you on the route of about 4 kilometers for a duration of 1 hour.

Getting in tune with the perfectly trained dogs, you will appreciate their qualities in the fantastic enchanted scenery of Mount Putia.


Experienced dog sledding guides will instruct you in sledding through a briefing. You will feel like ‘Musher’, sharing the suggestive path of about 6 kilometers inside a dedicated track, with your dogs.

They are perfectly trained and will make you appreciate at best the beauty of this exciting sport and nature experience inside the fairy-tale scenery of the Puez-Odle Park.


An expert Mucher, after the welcome reception, through a breafing of explanation for how to lead a sled in full autonomy, will allow you to live a unique experience.

We will start our journey at sunset with the sleds, towards the plateau of Mount Putia above 2100 mlm and along the way, we will stop at a shelter exclusively for us, where we can enjoy hot drinks and pastries.

We will conclude our night excursion, of about two hours, with the glow of the moon and the depth lights worn, to the base camp.

Escursione Sleddog sulle Dolomiti

Passo delle Erbe
Würzjoch Antermoia

Selva di Val Gardena (BZ) Località Vallunga
(not available)



Short presentation of our team and registration check-in

Briefing to get started

An essential lesson for becoming a true Musher through the principles of conduct and behavior

First slide love

Socialize with our Huskies to make the most of your excursion

Drive independently

You will be the protagonist of your adventure

Moment together

At the end of the experience, the instructor will be with you to evaluate how exciting it was

Play Video

Before enjoying the adventure, our instructors will explain you the basic rules to safely conduct a sled.

Watch the video to prepare like a real musher